Brick Lane, East London 2003

"I'm going to print a handbag over my jacket pocket. Anna keeps asking me to carry her lippy and house keys because they spoil the line of her dress".

Neither Simon nor I are East Londoners. We're immigrants. Simon had moved Deepend to Scrutton Street back in 1999 and we'd both been treading the streets since the Blue Note in the early 90's; but it was our home now, where we lived, worked and played. 

We laughed and joked about masculinity, emancipation, handbags and fashion. After a bagel and soup, we parted company and headed home but the conversation was seminal and I took a head full of thoughts to bed. In the morning I called Simon. 

"Let's do it". 
"I've had a dozen other ideas overnight. We'll call it Social Suicide. It'll be brilliant"
"Er, ok."
"Great. I'm heading over..."

And so it started. We worked with second hand suits, paint, iron on transfers and some terrible stitching. We took photos, built websites, we generally fucked around. We begged and we borrowed and in very little time, we had 'A Collection', an order, a show, another order, a shop, another shop...

Matt Grey (aka Tig)